Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sewing for Sanity

Sew (ha ha)... I've been very distracted recently by some major changes in my personal life. My concentration has been way off and I have often felt like I'm on another planet... that is until I started sewing again! Nothing too complicated; just some patchwork pieces that I will turn into mini quilts eventually. Sewing is so therapeutic and has really kept me sane these past few weeks.

Moda Punctuation charm packs turned into a 'crosses' quilt from this book.
The finished quilt top:

Moda Rawhide charm packs turned into sawtooth stars (my own design):

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Helena Skirt for Helena

Completed the skirt for my friend, Helena. She chose the fabric and buttons, but didn't have time to make it before moving to the States. It's no wonder she works in fashion... Most of this was completed on the 1933 Singer, but I had to cheat and use my electric machine for the buttonholes. I should have hand-worked them, but she would have got it next xmas, rather than this xmas!