Friday, 17 February 2012

2nd Sophie Quilt

Finally got around to quilting my second Sophie Quilt, made in a rail fence design from Moda's Sophie jelly roll. I struggle to prevent the fabric ruching/ rucking up when machine quilting, even when I release the presser foot pressure, lengthen the stitch AND use a walking foot! However! I have found a solution! I'd never tried free motion machining with a darning foot and no feed dog. Wow! Quilting finally works for me! I was familiar with this method for machine embroidery, darning etc, but thought I would have the same problems with the walking foot when used for quilting, so never tried it. I'm so glad I did; I feel so much more confident about quilting now- I usually dread that part of quilt-making!! I used a simple vermicelli/ wandering/ swirly pattern. Getting your hands and feet coordinated takes some practise, but I'm really happy with the result.

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Camera Bag

I'm off to Tanzania for a week on Saturday and really dislike the boring camera cases available in camera shops. There are some amazing, quirky designs on the market, particularly Etsy. I designed my own to take with me, made in indigo, Japanese quilting fabrics and natural batting. It was a really simple design using a front and back, sewing the internal corners to create a 3D shape. I covered some plastic sheeting in a fabric sleeve for the base and used French seams inside and binding along the top edge for a neat finish. The strap of the camera forms the strap of the bag.

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Girls' Indian Tunic

Having made a prototype of a tunic with button-up yoke, I had a go at making one in one of the many hand printed, Indian cottons I have. It needs binding at the neck armholes and some buttons, but I think this is a really cute summer tunic! It's age 3 if anyone interested in purchasing it!

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Patchwork Cushion Covers

Finally completed three hand-pieced, patchwork cushion covers, coming to Etsy soon!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Children's designs

After making a couple of prototypes for some girls' clothes (see earlier post), I decided to draw up a range of designs utilising my 26 metres if printed, Indian cotton! I'm thinking easy to make, simple tunic tops,dresses and skirts.

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Indian Sari Tops

Bought a couple of printed polyester/silk saris in India and want to put them to some use. All 6 metres each of them!! I've started making some patterns from these designs.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Clothes for the Girls

I have about 26 million metres of hand block-printed Indian cotton to use and I thought I would try my hand at children's clothes. I bought the Winifred Aldrich pattern drafting book for children's clothes and have made a prototype tunic top and gathered skirt. This will be my half term project!

Africa Purchases

Seems like ages ago I went shopping in Swakopmund in Namibia and found some beautiful telephone wire bowls to send home to my mum. Interestingly, they are constructed starting at the top of the bowl.

I also found her this lovely cushion cover, hand embroidered by African women through a charity run to support them.

We stopped off along a dusty, Namibian road and looked at the bog standard tourist souvenirs, such as carved figurines. Beneath the junk, I spotted this handmade quilt top. The lady was reluctant to part with it, but I managed to persuade her. I'm not sure if I should leave it as it is or make it into a quilt.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

India Purchases

Finally got around to photographing the beautiful textiles I bought In India: hand block-printed fabrics, silk saris and embroidered cushion covers to name a few. Just what to do with 26 metres of cotton.... Got a bit carried away!!

Wall-hanging made from recycled saris

Wooden block-prints (hand-carved)

Embroidered cushion covers

Silk sari

Printed cottons