Sunday, 27 January 2013

Scrappy log cabin cushion

Made this cushion cover today using the scrappy log cabin method and quilted it in the ditch.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Echino purses/ pouches

Made five quilted purses/ pouches today using echino fabric. Pencil cases, purses and phone/ gadget pouches. Coming to Etsy soon!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Vintage brassiere

Been working on my vintage lingerie skills the past couple of weeks and I'm now developing a 1920s/1930s style brassiere. I'm hand stitching the whole thing and have used an alternative form of point turc to stitch the top cup to the lower cup and shell hemming at the sides. It's taking forever, but it will be so pretty and a one-off. Might make a range to sell- contact me if interested in a commission.

Top cup attached to lower cup using point turc in reverse

Reverse point turc

Shell hem

1930s brassiere- should look like this when finished, hopefully!

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Productive Sunday

Made a cushion cover using the half square triangle method (tutorial found on Pinterest) and shadow quilting using primary-coloured fabrics. Also made another crochet tote, just need to get some webbing for straps. Finally, painted my nails nude and added glitter tips!

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Productive snow day and Saturday

School was closed yesterday due to snow, so I had an extra day off whoopee!! Spent the morning practising my vintage lingerie sewing skills (as I want to make a brassiere and French knickers from this book) then finished the back of a rowan 1940s style jumper I had put down for a while. Today I added a casing for a bamboo rod to display my latest quilt on the wall, made my friend a matching cushion cover for her birthday and made a tote bag using a crochet square I made a while ago. I have a set of them, so might make a batch of these to sell. Also made a yummy aubergine and chick pea stew. I love being busy and productive.
Shell tucks and shell hem, point turc, faggotting, appliqué onto net and lace appliqué onto net and sheer

1940s style rowan jumper- back finally completed... Now for the front, sleeves, collar....

Scrappy log cabin on the wall!

Matching cushion cover for George's birthday

Crochet tote

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Fabric and sewing storage

I am a little OCD, so when I saw this idea I had to do it! Now I can see all my fabrics together to choose for projects! And part of the glory of fabrics is actually looking at them! The cd stand is from lidl (bargain at £12) and the storage unit is from ikea.

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Echino typewriter bag

This is one of the fabrics I bought at Eternal Maker recently. I'm going to Ghana in February on a teacher exchange programme and needed a tote to carry school stuff around there. I quilted around the typewriters and lined the bag in a matching check.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Scrappy log cabin quilt

Random fabrics chosen from the Eternal Maker and machined together in a log cabin pattern. I then quilted using free motion quilting.

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Mexican night!

Had a great night with friends last night, but made and ate far too much food and drank too many margaritas!! Inspired by a visit to one of her Wahaca restaurants in London, I purchased Thomasina Miers' book a while ago and love the recipes in it. I made soft baked feta- to die for, but you could eat the lot!! Chorizo and black bean empanadas- little puff pastry pasties, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, chilli with rice and Thomasina's passion fruit creme brûlée. I also made tostadas/ tortilla chips by cutting flour and corn tortillas into triangles, tossing them in olive oil and baking until crisp. She fries her, but I think this is a healthier method.

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ready to go!

It took a while to decide what pattern I wanted to use for the new fabrics I bought yesterday; it was between a half square triangles idea, disappearing nine patch or scrappy log cabin. I've gone with the latter and I'm using a great, easy tutorial found here.
Fabrics cut and prepped

HST ideas

Scrappy log cabin ideas

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Circle skirt

I've been wanting to make a circle skirt for a while. It's a really simple pattern to cut and I've added a simple waistband and zip fastening. I used a lovely chambray, with spools of thread pattern printed onto it, that I found in a thrift store in Pennsylvania a few years ago. I had a go at a narrow seam, as a curved hem can be fiddly to finish neatly. Pictures below show how to. Now all I need to make is a 50s petticoat for a proper vintage feel!

Turn up the hem about 1/2", press and machine about 1/8" from folded edge.

Trim excess right down to stitching.

Fold over on the line of stitching, press and pin.

Machine about 1/8" away from the folded edge again. Voila! Very neat, narrow hem.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New fabric for a new year

Visited my favourite fabric shop today- The eternal maker in Chichester and purchased a range of eclectic fabrics to make into some kind of quilting project. Need a pattern, so I'll be trekking through the masses of images I've pinned for inspiration on Pinterest! Also couldn't resist the typewriter and camera prints... No idea what they'll become yet!

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