Saturday, 19 January 2013

Productive snow day and Saturday

School was closed yesterday due to snow, so I had an extra day off whoopee!! Spent the morning practising my vintage lingerie sewing skills (as I want to make a brassiere and French knickers from this book) then finished the back of a rowan 1940s style jumper I had put down for a while. Today I added a casing for a bamboo rod to display my latest quilt on the wall, made my friend a matching cushion cover for her birthday and made a tote bag using a crochet square I made a while ago. I have a set of them, so might make a batch of these to sell. Also made a yummy aubergine and chick pea stew. I love being busy and productive.
Shell tucks and shell hem, point turc, faggotting, appliqué onto net and lace appliqué onto net and sheer

1940s style rowan jumper- back finally completed... Now for the front, sleeves, collar....

Scrappy log cabin on the wall!

Matching cushion cover for George's birthday

Crochet tote

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