Monday, 8 February 2010

1950s Trousers

Vintage pattern, satin chino fabric. These need some alteration around the hip area...


  1. Those look fabulous, though. I have this pattern in my pattern stash, and have thought about making them. I love the cotton satin chino -- it looks so casual and dressy at the same time. Did you have any problems with the pattern?

  2. These are so cool, I don't think I have the figure for them, but you look amazing!

  3. Hi girls,
    Thanks for your comments. I took the trousers in quite a bit at the hip, as they were very full and made me look bigger than I am- and I'm quite hippy as it is! The fabric looks great, but I would go for something with a bit of stretch in them, as the chino doesn't 'give' much. x