Tuesday, 26 October 2010

♥ 1933 Singer Sewing Machine ♥

My mum picked up a second hand Singer sewing machine, manufactured in the 1930s. It is in immaculate condition and has all the original accessories and booklet. I can't tell you how excited I was to learn how to use this!! (Sad, I know!) I spent yesterday setting it up and adjusting the tension and then had a play with all the attachments- OMG, this does things I'm sure no modern machine could do without purchasing expensive, specialist presser feet. It makes the most amazing hems, tucks, gathers and binds edges without any fuss. The results are so neat and hark back to home-dressmaking of a different era. Just sewing by hand on the Singer makes me feel nostalgic. As a teacher, I am highly critical of my own and my students' sewing skills- the majority of us simply don't make enough of our own clothes to give us the skills and competence to make the beautiful handmade, quality garments that women in the early 20th century did. This machine goes someway to improving this. Oh, and did I mention the shuttle-bobbin?!! More photos next post!

PS all photos taken with my iPhone- A-mazing quality!

The tucker foot marks the placement of the next fold as you sew the first tuck! So intuitive- who needs electricity?!!
Such neat pin-tucks!!

The hemmer- sews a wide hem (you set the size) and takes away all the measuring, pressing and tacking!

This is my favourite, as it reminds me of vintage hems that are so tiny they leave you wondering how they were achieved- now I know!!

The perfect result! This measures a couple of millimetres and I am desperate to try it on some sheer fabric- who needs roll-hemmers?!!


  1. Wow that’s so fab! Can you post some photos of the whole machine please? Does the machine zig-zag? My grandparents have an old machine but it doesn’t zig-zag. They used it all the time but had to use our eclectic machine to the edges.

  2. Okay, major machine envy going on here.

  3. You're so lucky, I wish I could find such a treasure too!

  4. It doesn't do zigzag, unfortunately, but I think you may be able to get an attachment to enable this. The tiny hemmer can be used to finish raw edges- check out my next post! x

  5. If only modern machines had attachments like these wonderful old ones!

    I have an ebook (you can read a version of it at vintagesewing.info -- it's called the Nu-way course in Fashionable clothesmaking) that is from 1926. It has instructions on sewing with lovely old sewing machines and their attachments, even with just a straight-stitch!

    Being adjustable and comparitively few, the old attachments seem very sensible and simple.

  6. Thanks Sabrina- I'll take a look!