Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Helena skirt for Helena- made on the Singer

My good friend Helena has jetted off to a new life in Philly and she bought this fabric to make the skirt named after her. She didn't have time and donated the fabric to me, along with copious other textile goodies! So.... I thought I would make this for her as a Christmas present- let's hope she's too busy in her new job to check my blog. I'm no good at secrets and wanted to share with you!

Check out the beautiful engraved steel detail!

Sewing the side seams (there is a seam guide, but the machine doesn't like it, so I marked my SA with tape):

I then used the tiny hemmer to finish my edges- so thrilled with the results!

How neat!!!

Now my only issue is buttonholes... I'm hoping there's an attachment I can find, but doubt it. I'm loathed to make handsewn buttonholes (although it would be good practice for me) and I'm loathed to use a modern machine to make them, since I wanted this to be totally 'hand' made. I could use poppers/ press studs instead- when I was in Lancaster County, I noticed that the Amish and Messonite women used these a lot, most likely as an alternative to buttons and buttonholes, since they don't use electricity. Hmmm... wish I had bought one of those tools in Zooks...


  1. amish don't use buttons as they are not considered plain enough

  2. Thanks for that. What about press studs though? I saw press studs on Mennonite women's dresses in PA.