Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ring Obsession

I've started wearing a variety of rings recently. Usually, I find them impractical for my job, but I seem to have become addicted to them. Big cocktail rings worn on the index finger, in particular! The photos aren't great, but don't you think this sparkler looks great with my 1940s, red nail polish?!

This beauty I found in an antique shop, locally. It is a North American Zuni Indian design in silver, turquoise, lapis lazuli and carnelian (?). The cute little 'infinity' ring on my ring finger was purchased in a lovely, little boutique in the Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. The artist is Erica Weiner.

The meaning of rings worn on specific fingers:
Since a visit to a palmist in Greenwich (who was so uncannily spot on, even to a cynic like me!) I have been interested in what it means to wear rings on particular fingers. Basically:

- The thumb symbolises willpower in a person

- The index finger represents authority, leadership and ambition (hence the two I am currently wearing!)

- The middle finger represents individuality and could help you add balance to your life. (However, the palmist told me never to wear a ring on my middle finger, as it would sever my life line...)

- The ring finger has a direct connection with the heart and also represents emotions and creativity in a person (I do feel more creative, but apparently that's something to do with the recent eclipse...!)

- The little finger represents everything about
relationships and our associations with the outside world. Wearing a ring on this finger would help one to enhance their relationships ( I need one of these right now!)

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