Sunday, 23 January 2011


A lovely friend of mine gave me a contact at The Oak Studio in Hampstead and I contacted her on the off-chance she might want a textiles teacher. She did and it looks like I might be running a couple of weekend workshops! Yay! I am going to send off some samples (which will be used in a window display) and costings and will keep you posted of dates (likely to be March/ April).

Here is my very simple retro apron complete with heart-shaped pocket:

And my yo-yo cushion:

Hearts, a la Heather Magill (mum!)


  1. I'm so terrible at making yoyos, I need to come to your workshop! What a gorgeous cushion!

  2. Ha ha! They're really easy! I'll post dates soon, if you're interested. x

  3. I know... I've read in different places how to do them, but they always come out wrong : / I really wanted to make a cuff out of them, but got frustrated, lol

  4. Watch a vid on youtube and try it at the same time. x