Monday, 16 August 2010

Broadening horizons...

So, years ago I collected costume. Then I sold most of it, because I thought it was wasteful to keep it in an attic where it was hardly ever looked at. I thought it should belong to people who wore/ looked at it more than me (and I wanted the cash!). Since starting up my business venture (still very much in its infancy, I'm afraid to say), I have researched the vintage fashion industry in more depth and discovered that it is absolutely vast! I knew it was big, but not mahoosive! I don't see why I can't diversify my Etsy shop to include vintage clothing and sewing patterns. Plus, this will bring traffic to my store (hopefully), encouraging people to take a look at my handmade sewing patterns.

Here's what I found today to list:

Two 1970s, cotton, shirtwaist dresses

1948 Needlecraft book
Flying Suit Pattern
Funky, 1960s coat pattern

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