Sunday, 29 August 2010

Custom Dress

I am so excited to be making a custom dress for a lovely lady in the States. Here are the first set of pattern drafting pics. I really want to get cracking on this quickly. I'm looking for a lightweight wool or wool-type synthetic mix (suiting material), so if anyone can recommend something, please let me know.

This is the dress I am basing it on- beautiful draping with a retro feel. I have marked on bust, waist and hip lines to give me an idea of where to split the basic block I have drafted for her.

This is the bodice section- I will cut this in fabric today and see how it works, as paper doesn't give a true representation of the drapes.

This is the mid-section. I have included photos of how to 'slash and spread', for those of you interested in pattern adaptation. I have marked on where I want the extra fabric (across the whole panel) and the spread it evenly, sticking it down onto a paper backing (see next photo).

This is how it is looking currently. It will look much better in fabric. I think the mid-section may need raising a little and the bodice section shortening, to reflect the design better.

Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated!

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