Friday, 27 August 2010

Pennsylvania Purchases

✂ Fabric, Fabric, Fabric! Wow, what an amazing array of fabric shops in Pennsylvania! This is a selection of the purchases I made out there.

Checks and Seersuckers from JoAnn

Repro feedsack fabrics from Intercourse (Zooks)

Vintage-look fabrics from Strasburg

More vintage-look fabrics from Intercourse (Zooks)

Thrifted Ikat and patchwork square (Pennsylvania Dutch Country)


  1. Oh how beautiful! I LOVE the reproduction feedsack prints...can't wait to see what you'll make with all the delicious fabric : )

  2. Thank you! I can't wait either, but I have a million and one other things to do first, so will have to restrain myself!! At least I can look at them and admire them in the mean time! :)